The rewards of discipline. At Sterling, we maintain a commitment to focus on our areas of understanding and expertise.

Relying on our 125 years of collective business experience, and working closely with consultants and advisors, Sterling's principals analyze a company's management team, operating history, and industry prospects. We also routinely consult with other members of our firm's network of contacts – the result of over 30 years of relationship building. This depth of collective experience, plus a patient approach to investing, allows Sterling to close complicated transactions where others might lose patience.

"I've advised two companies that have been acquired by Sterling, and in both cases, Sterling was successful in the process because of their willingness to dig in, work through complicated issues and commit substantial time and resources upfront. Sterling isn't afraid to spend 12 months working on a deal or find a solution to a complicated issue if it's the right partnership for the firm."
– Kevin Smith, RBC
"Sterling came in, did their research, and they never wavered. When you shook their hands, you knew you had a deal. That means a lot; there aren't many people who when you shake hands you have a deal, and paperwork is a formality. That's what I liked."
– Xavier Grilletta, CEO, B&G Crane

* The experiences of the executives detailed here are not necessarily representative of all who have worked with Sterling. Past performance is not indicative of future results.