Fundamental Value creation through operational improvements, not financial engineering.

Sterling works hand in hand with management teams to focus on executing a clearly defined, agreed-upon business strategy. After closing an acquisition, Sterling supports management in the development of such a strategy. Both prior to and during ownership, Sterling and management together identify opportunities to drive internal expansion, pursue strategic acquisitions, and improve operational efficiencies. These opportunities are developed into a set of initiatives supported by research, action items, timelines, and incentives.

"Sterling partnered with our management team to identify areas for operational improvements and helped provide the capabilities to capitalize on those opportunities. We are on track to save $20 million annually as a result of the operational improvements we've made."
– Ray Sears, V.P. of Procurement, RSG

* The experiences of the executives detailed here are not necessarily representative of all who have worked with Sterling. Past performance is not indicative of future results.