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  • Relentless, firm-wide commitment to continuous improvement
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  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Passionate about building winning businesses

The Associate in the Commercial Diligence and Strategy group will be primarily responsible for commercial diligence and strategy work, including evaluating: market growth, competitive landscape, supplier dynamics, etc. In addition, the Associate will assist in theme development and exit preparation (for existing portfolio companies). This would be a two-year program designed to give a well-rounded apprenticeship at a successful middle market private equity firm. This role would work very closely with the deal team.

Qualifications include an undergraduate degree from a top-tier university and a ~2 years of analytical experience (in strategy and/or commercial diligence) with a top consulting firm. The primary skills needed to be successful in this position are:

Analytical skills:

-Understanding the market dynamics, competitive landscape, supplier dynamics, etc. in the market in which a business competes

-Synthesizing and analyzing data using Excel and other analytical tools – including building market models

– Reviewing M&A targets for platform or add-ons and conduct complete commercial diligence

Research skills:

-Reviewing third party resources and analyzing secondary research

-Proactively soliciting information from industry experts

-Drafting and analyzing proprietary surveys developed to evaluate new opportunities

-Synthesizing information across multiple sources

Communication skills:

-Quickly summarizing the merits and risks of a potential transaction in both written and verbal form

-Interacting with management teams, financing sources and service providers

-Interacting with third party consultants

Project Management skills:

-Effectively monitoring and executing multiple assignments and workstreams simultaneously

-Managing all activities related to commercial diligence (e.g., industry expert calls, surveys, market modeling, etc.)

-Working with the deal team to identify and evaluate new themes as part of our sourcing initiatives

-Coordinating with third party consultants as appropriate

The candidate must be passionate about evaluating industries and businesses and highly detail oriented, with the ability to solve problems and identify solutions with rigor and efficiency.

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