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Lynx FBO Network is a national platform of premier fixed based operator (“FBO”) locations across the United States.

Situation overview

Sterling Partners had previously built two other FBO networks. Sterling formed a partnership with a past management team to build Lynx into an integrated network of strategically located FBOs.


No sponsor knows our industry better than The Sterling Group. We have worked with them in the past and have seen firsthand that they do what they say they will do. They were the obvious choice as a partner for Lynx.

Chad Farischon and Tyson Goetz,
Founding Partners, Lynx FBO

Lynx FBO Network provides fixed based operator (“FBO”) services, including fueling, ramp and hangar rental, to the general aviation industry through a strategic network of locations across the United States.

After years of researching and developing a theme in the general aviation space, in 2016, Sterling partnered with members of a past management team, with over 50 years of combined experience leading FBO businesses, to pursue a buy-and-build strategy within the highly fragmented FBO industry. Establishing Lynx FBO, Sterling first acquired an FBO location in Destin, Florida and over the course of the four years, made a total of ten acquisitions in nine locations, building a leading network of FBOs in attractive markets across the United States.

In creating a best-in-class platform, Sterling and Lynx emphasized identifying and executing strategic acquisitions that would each contribute to a stronger collective network.  With each acquisition, Sterling worked with management to build an integrated and efficient platform, including leveraging network buying power with key vendors, implementing company-wide branding, and consolidating administrative spend across the network.

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