Building winning businesses for customers, employees and investors.

The Sterling Group is an operationally focused middle market private equity firm that partners
with management teams to grow and build winning businesses in the industrial sector.

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Construction Supply Group

Sterling has executed a strategy to bring together multiple leading regional and local construction supply distributors.

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Specified Air Solutions

Sterling added key team members and worked to centralize several, unintegrated legacy businesses and take better advantage of company’s scale.

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American Bath Group

Together, Sterling and the Stonecipher brothers combined five different manufacturers to create the second largest bathtub company in the US.

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Highline Aftermarket

Sterling shared the vision of creating a national leader that would be best in class, both commercially and operationally. Sterling was prepared to do the complicated transactional work of concurrently acquiring and immediately merging the two companies.

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DexKo Global

Sterling and management worked together to further improve already strong operating practices and complete 10 acquisitions.

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B&G Crane Service

Together, Sterling and the family developed a plan to expand into Texas, a new geography for the company.

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Liqui-Box was the fourth business Sterling acquired from DuPont – the first was in 1986. DuPont needed a buyer to close on a certain time frame and work through the complexities of the carve-out transition.

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Owned by management and local high net worth individuals in Vancouver, Canada, Seon sought a buyer who could meet multiple transaction needs. Sterling’s portfolio company, Safe Fleet, was the right fit.

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Safe Fleet

Sterling acquired ROM and SMI simultaneously, renaming the combined business Safe Fleet, and has built it into one of the largest fleet safety solution suppliers in North America offering thousands of products to nine different fleet end markets.

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