Houston, TX December 19, 2019

The Sterling Group Announces Scott MacLaren has been Named Partner

The Sterling Group, a Houston-based middle market private equity firm, is pleased to announce that Scott MacLaren has been named Partner.

Scott joined The Sterling Group in 2014 from The Boston Consulting Group where he focused on operational improvement initiatives for industrial and energy companies. Prior to entering the private sector, Scott was a Ranger qualified officer in the United States Army where he led a scout platoon during the troop surge in Iraq, and later served as a company commander in charge of 120 personnel. Scott received a B.S. in Economics from the United States Military Academy at West Point and an MBA from the Wharton School.

Scott’s first investment at Sterling was American Bath Group, a turnaround effort and industry consolidation in the bathware manufacturing industry. Scott spent a year embedded at the company, using his experience leading teams and driving operational change to completely transform the company’s transportation and logistics program, as well as executing four strategic acquisitions. During his time at ABG, the Company experienced over 200% EBITDA growth. Since then, he has been instrumental in Sterling Group investments such as Highline, Evergreen, Lynx FBO, and Polychem.

“We are excited to have Scott join our partnership. His operational, commercial, and transactional capabilities underlie Scott’s strong contribution to Sterling, our portfolio companies, and our investors,” said Gary Rosenthal, a Partner at The Sterling Group.

About The Sterling Group

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